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Frequency Asked Questions

I want to use XARF. Will I need to upgrade to one of your plans?

XARF is a free service, so you don’t need to subscribe or create an account to use it!

Can XARF detect abuse?

No, XARF does not detect abuse. The standard is used for reporting abuse to other networks. If you detect abuse within your network, gather the evidence and then use a XARF to package it and send it to the correct recipient. If you need an abuse@ role address to send the report to, check out the Abusix Abuse Contact DB.

How can I integrate XARF into my current abuse management solution?

XARF can already be used to report different abuse events into your own Abuse Management Platform, like AbuseHQ, for internal reporting.

Shortly, Abusix will begin providing a Global Reporting Service within our Abusix Portal which will send reports for you automatically to other Abusix Customers or the abuse@ role address at networks all around the globe.

Is XARF an API Format or an SMT Format?

XARF is simply a JSON schema for reporting Abuse. It is transport and platform agnostic, meaning it may be used in Email, in RestFul and Streaming APIs, UDP etc.

Where is an example for XARF by email?

What is the difference between ARF and XARF?

While ARF is only meant to report spam via email, XARF is independent of the underlying transport as it’s just a simple JSON document that can be used in multiple transport channels. Thus, this makes XARF more versatile as you can integrate systems through XARF API without using email (SMTP) as the underlying transport technology.

What abuse types can be reported via XARF?

All supported abuse types can be found in the samples directory on GitHub.

Where can I request new XARF report types?

If you want to participate in XARF, you are more than welcome to. You can request new report types here.

Who can report abuse via XARF?

Everyone, but usually, this will be users who automate the generation and sending of the report. In the future, everyone who experiences abuse should be able to report abuse through our Abusix Portal, where a XARF report will be generated and sent to the correct recipients.

Learn more about the XARF Format

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