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URL stream


The URL Stream is designed for AntiVirus and Brand Protection vendors of all types to allow them to constantly hunt for and identify, new websites and web pages that are phishing and spoofing brands using trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property, as well as hosting drive-by download or malware threats, phish kits, and crime-ware.


The URL streaming service is provided as a script that connects into our stream of (non-curated) report of URLs, thus allowing you to quickly see new malicious actors hosting phish, spoofing, steal credentials, defraud, infect and spy on users.

Key Benefits

A service is an ideal place to constantly hunt and identify websites hosting

  • brand phishing
  • generic phishing for user credentials
  • copyrighted images
  • copyrighted intellectual property
  • spoofing
  • drive-by downloads ready to intercept consumer keystrokes for account takeover (ATO)
  • crimeware



  • JSON with URLs and Metadata
  • Raw URLs

The various metadata tags allow you to filter quickly on things such as country, language, etc to improve the noise to signal ratio for your use case, showing you what you care about most.

JSON Payload Format Example

  "detected_text_language" : "ja",
  "data_origin" : "com.abusix.spam.httprelay",
  "smtp_timestamp" : "Wed, 22 Jul 2020 23:41:22 +0000",
  "source_ip_country_iso" : "TW",
  "url_tld" : "com",
  "url" : "http://csqzvg.re[...]"


Abusix processes an ever increasing 800 million trap hits daily through its infrastructure, however, counts can vary widely due to the diversity of spam campaigns and the number of URLs used in individual spam campaigns. This feed includes ALL URLs in the BLACK+GREY message stream.

URLs Stream (deduped over 5 mins, as of June 16, 2020)
min: 12.3M / day
max: 168.9M / day
avg: 59M / day


To receive reports you need to be able to cURL

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