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Abusix and our Intelligence

Over 20 Billion Threat Indicators Processed Per Day

Why Abusix's Intelligence?

Security service providers, government organizations, trademark and brand protection, network and service providers need to discover relevant threats and proactively or in real-time, protect their customers.

How can Abusix Intelligence help?

Abusix was born from a desire to address abuse at its root, with users hosted at network and application service providers. It is only then that you can address the increasing operational, reputational, and legal costs to the providers. We look for bad actors, compromised users, and compromised machines.

Today, using our proprietary sensor network, we provide an unparalleled view of threats through our constant corpus of threat rich data which allows for the:

  • identification of spam in realtime, within your inbound, or outbound spam filters, by using our pure black stream
  • hunting for malicious inbound malware, fraud, and phish using our grey stream
  • law enforcement action by identifying bad actors operating within or crossing your country's borders
  • protect trademarks and brands
  • ensure the integrity of social networks by identifying bad actors operating within your network and spoofing you on the internet
  • manage network and service abuse (ISPs, Hosting, Email Service Providers, and CRM companies) we provide our data, packaged within our AbuseHQ solution.

What is Available?

We offer two different streams of data

  • Black stream provides 100% false positive free data
  • Black and Grey stream provides a rich mix of spam, suitable for hunting.

Our most complete and standard format is JSON transported via stream, with identifying attributes such as the language of the message, file types attached, and more. The entire message and attachments are also attached. We can also provide files only as well as metadata elements in a stream.

Ultimately, the depth and versatility of Abusix Intelligence make our data a critical component of any cyber-defense.

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