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How do I update my contact information in the WHOIS record?

How do I update my contact information in the WHOIS record?

You added an abuse address, but no networks are showing up? Follow these tips to troubleshoot.


As soon as you’ve registered a domain name for your company’s online presence, you’ve entered what’s called the WHOIS database. This allows the public to view the information regarding the owner of a domain when they perform a WHOIS lookup.

Abusix for example is querying the WHOIS servers whenever a new abuse contact is added. You'll then see the related networks in your network list and are able to get new reports of listed IPs within your network.


When you see "0" networks, this means no related networks were found. You probably entered an abuse contact that:

1. is a private email address

2. is part of a bigger network owned by for example Hetzner, Amazon, so on...

3. is not properly registered in the WHOIS database.


If the third case is true, then you just have to make sure, that your network is setup correctly and the WHOIS entry is up-to-date.

You can use the service from ICANN to check your current WHOIS data: https://lookup.icann.org/lookup Look for the entry Abuse contact email

Depending on your region there are different geographical service areas, called Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).


Please refer to the following documentation for each of those registries and update your abuse contact accordingly:


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