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Lookup and Delisting Overview

What is Abusix Mail Intelligence, and how to “lookup and delist” your IP address or domain

Who is Abusix?

We are an IT security company that specializes in anti-abuse. Our goal is to get abuse reported and fixed as quickly as possible.

What is Abusix Mail Intelligence?

Abusix Mail Intelligence is a suite of DNS blocklists and welcome lists (these used to be called whitelists). The lists provides reputation for IP addresses, Domains, Email Addresses, Short URLs, Online Drive Service URLs, and Bitcoin Wallet binaries. The suite works with any mail system that supports DNSBL lookups.

Why have I ended up here?

You've likely found yourself here if we detected an issue with the mail server that sends your mail, and this caused your IP address to be added to one of our blocklists. Alternatively, it might be your domain that has been listed because we've received spam from it or if we have seen infections/compromises on one or more hosts on your domain.

If our service rejects a message you sent, you will receive a “bounce message” (Delivery Service Notification) explaining that your message could not be delivered, with a link to our website lookup service.

What do I need to do?

If you're not a Mail System Administrator

Contact your IT department or help desk; they should be your first port of call since they manage your organization's mail server.

Likewise, if you purchase your email services from an ISP, hosting company, or another Mailbox Provider, you should contact your mail provider’s support and report the issue. Ultimately, they are responsible for fixing whatever problem exists.

If you are a Mail System Administrator

The first thing to do is to look at your logs for any apparent issues with your mail system, e.g., large queues, rate-limited users, or users sending unusually high volumes of traffic.

If you need help finding the problem, please contact us via chat or email support@abusix.com. We're always happy to provide evidence and advice to help you find, fix and prevent any further issues.

To delist items from our lists, you will need to register first. Registering and confirming your mail address prevents abuse of our service. When you request a delisting, please ensure that you understand the problem and have taken all necessary actions (including deleting any queued mail as necessary) to prevent any further abuse of your systems. Failure to do so often causes a relisting and, thus, a delay in being able to delist again.

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