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Getting started with the Abusix Global Reporting Service

The Abusix Global Reporting service allows organizations who wish to report abuse to easily report to originating networks.

Getting started with the Abusix Global Reporting Service

If you have abuse to report and can provide the minimum required data for a given report type; please send your data to your API endpoint.

We will package your report in XARF format and email it to the abuse contact for the network hosting the abuse on your behalf. You will need to

  1. Ensure you can generate the minimum data required for a given abuse type (XARF Schema) https://github.com/abusix/xarf/tree/master/schemas/3
  1. Create a Data Channel API endpoint here https://app.abusix.com
  1. Use our example code to post to our API here link

Abusix will

  1. Initially, review your data after submission and then approve your API Key
  1. After which, we will send out reports on your behalf by
    1. Package your report data in an XARF email.
    2. Automatically determine the best working abuse address of the network operator or postmaster associated with the IP address and your report type.
    3. Email your report to the network that originated the abuse, for you.

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