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Submitting data via the API to Data Channels

How to configure the API for data input


In this article, you will find information about submitting data via the Abusix API Data Channel.

All data submitted via our RESTful API is mapped to the XARF Format, short for the eXtended Abuse Reporting Format. XARF is a standardized set of schemas developed by the XARF community and Abusix for describing abusive behavior or content.

The effort started as an open, community-driven effort and has become an industry standard for sharing network abuse reports. The GitHub project today provides free specifications to aid in end-to-end automation of abuse reporting.

Reporting abusive behavior to Abusix

When completing the Data Channel configuration steps in app.abusix.com, you may select Report Abusive Behaviour to Abusix; to both, report back to the network owner and Send data to your AbuseHQ instance.

Examples of this use case is where you are using AbuseHQ to manage abuse

  • within your own hosted mail platform
  • user or admin authentication interfaces
  • hitting your firewalls
  • Or other edge systems

Mapping your data with our API

Our backbone uses the XARF Schemas to route and process information, and while most of the field names are intuitive, please see the examples in the XARF Github Project to map your data correctly.

If you need help with data mapping, contact us through chat or at support@abusix.com.

POST your data to the API

After completing the Data Channel configuration steps in app.abusix.com, you may POST your data.

From here, our systems and support team will see the data and take care of the rest.

  1. Go to https://app.abusix.com/data-channels
  1. Create Datachannel
  1. Send data into your AbuseHQ
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  • Send data using the XARF-Api
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  • Name your data channel
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  • See your access credentials and replace them within the service(s) that used to forward to https://abusix.abusehq.net/xarf/deliver
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an example curl for this would look like

curl -vX POST https://datachannels.abusix.com/data/xarf -d @copyright.json --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "x-api-key: $YOURKEY"


example XARF copyright.json

  "Version": "2",
  "ReporterInfo": {
    "ReporterOrg": "ExampleOrg",
    "ReporterOrgDomain": "example.com",
    "ReporterOrgEmail": "reports@example.com"
  "OnBehalfOf": {
    "ComplainantOrg": "ExampleComplainantOrg",
    "ComplainantOrgDomain": "complainant.example.com",
    "ComplainantOrgEmail": "complainant@complainant.example.com",
    "ComplainantContactEmail": "legal@complainant.example.com",
    "ComplainantContactName": "Legal Team",
    "ComplainantContactPhone": "0012345678"
  "Disclosure": true,
  "Report": {
    "ReportType": "Copyright",
    "ReportClass": "Content",
    "FirstSeen": "2018-02-05T14:17:10Z",
    "Date": "2018-02-05T18:17:10Z",
    "SourceIp": "",
    "SourcePort": 54321,
    "InfringedMaterial": "Example - Mr. Example",
    "SourceUrl": "http://www.badexample.com/badexapmplesong.mp3",
    "MaterialType": "Music",
    "FileName": "badexamplesong.mp3",
    "CourtOrder": "https://court.example.com/courtorder.pdf",
    "FileSize": 56,
    "FileHash": "somehashhere"


Status - 201 Created


Status - 403 Forbidden

	"state": "error",
	"error": "permission denied"

Status - 400 Bad Request - For help with validation check - link

	"state": "error",
	"error": "validation failed"

Status - 503 Service Unavailable

	state: 'error',
	error: 'The service is currently unavailable. Please try again later.',

Learn more about Data Channels

This will help provide you with an Overview of the XARF Format


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