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Setting up your Data Channel using XARF

More information on XARF

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In this article, you will find our resources to support your setup of a Data channel via XARF API.


XARF, short for the eXtended Abuse Reporting Format, is a standardized set of schemas developed by Abusix and a community around for describing abusive behaviour or abusive content.

Initially started as an open, community-driven effort, XARF is now the industry standard for sharing network abuse reports that provide free specifications to aid in the automated expressions of information about network abuse observed.


For Data channels, we recommend using XARF over SMTP, since it is more reliant and offers better instant feedback on whether or not the data is correct and reaches the necessary endpoints. Only with XARF we can guarantee the data always being parsed.


For more information about XARF, check out our documentation or visit our website.

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