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Provide MTA transaction data to Abusix

Sending transaction data from your MTA to Abusix


In this situation, you operate a mail platform and wish to provide transaction data to Abusix.

Following are the steps for providing MTA transaction data via UDP.

Create a Data Channel in app.abusix.com

  • Navigate to Data Channels
    • Notion image
  • Click on Create a Data Channel and follow the steps in the wizard. We currently offer three ways of creating Data Channels.
    • Notion image

Wizard set-up: Send transaction feeds

  • Name your Data channel.
    • Notion image
  • Consult the last section of this article for your next to-do’s, following the wizard steps to complete the set-up of your Data channel.

Forwarding data after the Data Channel is configured.

After configuring your Data Channel follow the steps in Submitting MTA Transaction Feeds via UDP to Data Channels

Learn more about Data Channels

This will help provide you with an Overview of the XARF Format


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