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Send data to your AbuseHQ instance

Sending information to your AbuseHQ instance


Following are the steps for sending data to your AbuseHQ instance.

Create a Data Channel in app.abusix.com

  • Navigate to Data Channels
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  • Click on Create a Data Channel and follow the steps in the wizard. We currently offer three ways of creating Data Channels.
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Select how you would like to send your data to AbuseHQ

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If you are sending your data

Name your Data Channel and describe the data


Specify how Abusix may use your data

  • In the last step of the wizard, please select how Abusix is allowed to use your data.
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Forwarding data after the Data Channel is configured.

After configuring your Data Channel take the following steps

Forwarding your email via SMTP

If you are forwarding an abuse@ role address

  1. Check if your “role address” is an existing alias address and if Abusix can be added as an additional alias to the address. You may have already done this by
  1. If your role address supports aliasing, add the Data Channel forwarding address (e.g., example@smtp-forward.abusix.com) as an alias in your email server.

Make a connection to our API.

  1. Our API uses XARF, a format for reporting abuse, for mapping. Glance through our XARF documentation and closely examine the JSON schema examples. Most standard schemas should work for you, but you may have one that we don’t have in our examples or may have a field that you don’t see in the standard published schemas. In these exceptions, contact us through Chat or at support@abusix.com. XARF and our architecture are extensible; it's just that if we have mapped the type of abuse you are reporting before, we want to be sure you are using that preexisting mapping as much as possible since that ensures you are compatible with new features as we iterate forward.
  1. Open your tool of choice and make a POST-Request to our API using a simple curl command, a library in your programming language, or any other way you wish.
  1. Pass the Data Channel API-Key we have provided as an HTTP header.
  1. Place the JSON XARF formatted file into the request's body and send it.
  1. After successfully posting your data, you can check to see if it's working correctly or see any errors in Data Channel at app.abusix.com.

Learn more about Data Channels

This will help provide you with an Overview of the XARF Format


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