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Report Abusive Behaviour

Set up Abusive Behaviour Report

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This article provides you with all the steps in order to set up a Data channels. Should you require further assistance, please reach out to our support via live chat.


The set-up of a Data channel is carried out in the app via the wizard, with steps outside the app to finalise it.


Create a Data Channel in app.abusix.com

  • Navigate to Data Channels
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  • Click on Create a Data Channel and follow the steps in the wizard. We currently offer three ways of creating Data channels.
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Wizard set-up: Report abusive behaviour

  • Select how you would like to send your data. We currently offer two ways:
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    • via XARF API (recommended) - for more details, please visit this article
    • via SMTP forward - for more details, please visit this article
  • In the following step, name your Data channel. For SMTP forward only: add more details on what you are planning to report - for details on this step, please refer to this article.
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  • In the last step of the wizard, please select how Abusix is allowed to use your data.
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  • Consult the last section of this article for your next to do’s following the wizard steps, in order to complete the set-up of your Data channel.

Set-up steps after wizard process is complete:

Option 1 - open up your connection via XARF

  • Open your tool of choice, to do a POST-Request on our API. You can do this via a simple curl command, a library in your programming language of choice or any other way you want.
  • Pass your API-Key as an HTTP-header that you will find in the app under the section Data Channels.
  • Put the XARF file into the body of the request and send it.
  • After successfully setting up your Data Channel you can check if it's working properly in the Data Channels Tab in the app.
We recommend using XARF over SMTP, since it is more reliant and offers better instant feedback on whether or not the data is correct and reaches the necessary endpoints. Only with XARF we can guarantee the data always being parsed.

Option 2 - Open up your connection via SMTP forward

  • Check if your mail system supports automated SMTP forwarding, if not this option is not going to be available for you.
  • In your mail system’s options, set the forwarding address to the one you can find in the portal, usually something like example@smtp-forward.abusix.com.
  • To find out which format you should be using, please check out this article about the different possible variations and what to be careful about with them.
Please note: Manual forwards using an email client do not work!
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