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What are Data Channels?


What are Data channels?

Data channels allows individual users to be part of a global community fighting abuse on the internet. Data channels is a new way of sending your abuse reports directly to our Abusix systems, to help make the internet a safer place! Sending your abuse reports to us allows us to consolidate this data, which helps our affected customers so that they can secure their systems. Simply set up a Data channel via the wizard.

We are offering three ways to do this: via an API call with an XARF object, via an SMTP forward or by sending transaction feeds.

Click on the links below to find out more about the three ways of sending us data:


Once you are ready to set up a Data channel with us, have a look at our articles on use cases for guidance through the wizard set-up.


Benefits of using Data channels.

Using Data channels benefits all of our customers, depending on the solution you are using (AHQ, AMI) you will be contributing differently to the community fighting spam on the internet. To better suit your needs we currently offer three ways of sending data. Continue reading to find out which way of setting up a Data channel works best for you.


Sending data into your own AbuseHQ Instance

Are you already using AbuseHQ? If so, Data channels allows you to send us your abuse report data directly to AbuseHQ to enrich your (AbuseHQ) instance with it. This additional information helps us sort incidents in cases and thus enables us to provide you with a more efficient service.

For more details on this set-up, please see this article.


Reporting abusive behaviour

We also offer a way for you to share your abuse report data with us. Contrary to the former case, data will not only be used by your AbuseHQ instance, but also by AbuseHQ instances that are responsible for the report and other services. The benefit here will be, that your cases will get resolved more efficiently, since they will be forwarded to the right people faster.

For more details on this set-up, please see this article.


Sending data via an SMTP transaction feed data channel

This will help improve the accuracy of Abusix Mail Intelligence by enriching our data regarding traffic volumes, ensuring that we don’t list genuine mail servers and allowing us to spot any new infections happening in monitored networks. It also allows us to spot hosts specifically targeting your systems.

For more details on this set-up, please see this article.

Information for sending data into your own AbuseHQ instance: this way of reporting abuse only keeps this data only available for you. Information for reporting abusive behaviour: if you consent to sharing your data with us, it will only be shared with our customers. Please be aware that cases that have to be solved externally, will not be forwarded by us.
After you have set up your Data Channel and start sending data into our systems, we will check the data for legitimacy on our side and if all is well, the data will instantly be streamed into our systems.
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