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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this feature free?

This feature is free to use for any of our registered users. Be aware, in order to have the data be used for your specific cases, you will need to have an Abuse HQ Instance running.


How do the reports get forwarded to the right destinations?

We use an elaborate system of parsers that clean and extract all relevant data that reaches us via the Data Channels. Data that successfully passes this step will be forwarded to the necessary destinations. This might happen based on the type of Data Channel you create or the reported IP-address/URL.


How can I change my SMTP - Data Channel's datatype?

As of right now, we don't offer modification of datatypes after creation. We do this, to ensure, that the Data Channels will always send in only one datatype and will be parsed accordingly. You can, however, freely create as many additional Data Channels for all the datatypes you'd like to send us.


What happens if data doesn't get parsed correctly?

Data that cannot be parsed correctly can not be used for our systems and will not be used to enrich neither your own Abuse HQ instance, nor our systems (if you chose for the data to be shared within our systems).


Why can't I delete my Data Channel?

Certain types of Data Channels are blocked by abusix from being deleted and thus don't have a remove button. Reasons for this are consistence and stability, since our side sometimes will be dependent on the setup on your side.

If you however would still like them to be deleted, please contact our support team.


Does abusix send data to the affected network owners ?

As of now, only network owners using an AbuseHQ instance will be notified. For other external parties this is a feature in planning / development. As soon as it's released, any affected network owners will be notified about the regarding reports. Also, this will only happen if the consent to do so was granted during the creation of the Data Channel.

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