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Repshare Update

Some of our customers use Repshare extensively to share Case information with their subscribers. It works great, but we noticed that some subscribers need additional information to identify and fix a problem. That's why we now include event information in addition to the Case details on the Case Repshare page.

We put a lot of thought into these changes to make sure you can't accidentally share information you don't want to be shared. Especially because most customers use Repshare as part of an automated process. Bulk reports, for example, include data of many subscribers. Abuse reports can contain sensitive data like links to malware or images of child abuse. That's why we decided not to include the actual report by default. You can still share it by sharing only a single event.

About Repshare

Repshare, short for report share, is an optional feature of AbuseHQ. You can find it on the case detail page. Click the Share button and select Case or Subscriber Report or go to the event tab and click the share button for a single event.

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