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Mailbox Update-1

The mailbox used to show only emails that couldn't be parsed. Often we were asked, how can I see all messages, parsed and unparsed. We have answered your request with a new mailbox that shows you all your emails and their parsing status.

The tags on the left in the All Mails sections indicate one of four possible processing results of an email:

  1. unparsed: Email couldn't be parsed. Most of these emails are misdirected, spam or don't have a common format. Sometimes reporter change their reporting format or reports with a new format show up. If you notice such a report you can notify us via the Report Unparsed button.
  2. unparsedparser-requested: You requested a new parser for this report.
  3. parsedunresolved: The mail was parsed, but no subscriber was found by your resolver for any of the parsed events.
  4. parsedresolved: The email was parsed and a subscriber was determined. So depending on your inbound processing settings the events in this email were attached to one or more cases.

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