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Active your domain(s)

What happens with your domains if you use your domains only for HTTP (or other services) but not for email?

blackhole.mx will help you from being spammed in the future and will be able to analyze the unwanted email traffic to fight spam efficiently.

You can point your domains to blackhole.mx and switch back at any time.  You keep full control over your domains.  

We accept all kinds of domains - each additional domain helps making blackhole.mx more effective.


How it works

We do not intend to burn or spoil the reputation of domains - we use them to receive from and to respond to people sending unsolicited emails.

If you point your domain to the blackhole.mx systems, the email traffic sent to the domain will receive a 550 hard bounce response from the blackhole.mx servers, which means there is no email service currently in operation for the domain.

This will ensure the sender should take action to avoid sending spam in the future. Thus your domain can be used for a real email service later or at any time again.


How to participate

Just point your domain to the blackhole.mx systems with a DNS MX record.

e.g. in a BIND zone file:

yourdomain.tld. IN MX 10 void.blackhole.mx.

Many ISPs and Domain Registrars offer convenient customer web interfaces to perform this task. And, you may change the MX record for your domain(s) at any time!

Important Please ensure that the domains you point via MX record to the blackhole.mx service are currently not used for any email traffic or communication by yourself. In pointing your domain to blackhole.mx - all traffic will be intercepted by our service, so you should only donate your domain if you do not want to receive any email traffic to the domain whilst it is directed to us.

Let us know

If you have pointed your domain(s) to the blackhole.mx system, please let us know so that we have the chance to immediately react and scale the systems if necessary.

Important If you plan to point a whole domain portfolio to our systems, please inform us first, so that we can take the appropriate steps on our side! Please contact us via email at support@abusix.com or via our Intercom live-chat.
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