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Getting started

Getting started with blackhole.mx


If you use your domains only for HTTP (or other services) but not for email, blackhole.mx will help prevent your domain from being spammed in the future by using it in the meantime to analyze unsolicited email traffic.

Simply point your domain(s) MX records to blackhole.mx; if you wish, you can change them anytime. With blackhole.mx, you always maintain complete control over your domains.  

Important Please ensure that the domains you point via MX record to the blackhole.mx service is currently not used for email. Once you point your domain to blackhole.mx, we will intercept all traffic; therefore, only donate your domain if you do not want to receive any email traffic on that domain while it is directed to us.

How blackhole.mx works

We accept all kinds of domains, and each additional domain helps fight internet abuse. Furthermore, our use of your domain(s) will never burn nor spoil their reputation.

When you point your domain to the blackhole.mx systems, the email traffic sent to the domain(s) receive a 550 hard bounce response from the blackhole.mx servers, which means there is no email service currently in operation for the domain.

By bouncing messages, legitimate senders take action and avoid sending spam to the domain in the future.

This approach, allows you to put your domain back in service, and use it for a real email service at any time you wish.

How to activate your domain(s) to participate.

To participate, point your domain to the blackhole.mx systems with a DNS MX record.

Configure your domain in a domain management web application

Domain Registrars, Hosting providers and ISPs often offer convenient customer domain management web applications to configure mx records.

  • Name: The domain or subdomain for the MX record. Use @ to deliver email.
  • Priority: The order in which the record is evaluated and used. We recommend using “10.”
  • Value: The mail server's address, “void.blackhole.mx.”
  • TTL: We recommend using “1 hour.”

Configure your domain in a BIND zone file

yourdomain.tld. IN MX 10 void.blackhole.mx.

Let us know

If you have pointed your domain(s) to the blackhole.mx system, please drop us an email at support@abusix.com letting us know you have done so.

Important If you plan to point a domain portfolio to our systems, please let us know ahead of time so we can take the appropriate steps!

How to deactivate blackhole.mx in the future

Without notice to Abusix, you may change your MX record(s) at any time, redirecting your domain for another purpose.

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