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Welcome list

Aggregated IP/domain welcome (white.mail.abusix.zone)

Status: Production
Type: IPv4, IPv6, Domain
Cloud DNS namespace: <key>.white.mail.abusix.zone.
Rsync File: lists/white.zone
Return Codes:
Test Points:, ::FFFF:7F00:2,
Listing Duration: Varies


This list is an aggregation of multiple whitelist sources and includes IPv4, IPv6 and domains.  

All sources return the same return code.

The sources of this list are:

  • DNSWL (IP)
  • Return-Path Whitelist (IP)
  • Return-Path Whitelist (Domain)
  • Abusix Whitelist (IP)
  • Abusix Whitelist (Domain)


This list is not supposed to be used as a "this IP or domain never sends spam" list or to allow any listed IP or domain free passage through your filtering systems.

We publish this zone for completeness.   Every good blacklist starts with a great whitelist as there are lots IPs and domains that you would not want to block as doing so would cause significant false-positives.


A good use for this zone would be to use it to exclude listed hosts from being greylisted.

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