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The types of streams we offer

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Message stream


Anti-spam vendors need to constantly tune their spam heuristics engines to catch the latest shape-shifting threats.

Abusix’s Spam Threat Intelligence service is a real-time corpus of spam messages. This feed may be used for tuning your anti-spam filters and monitoring your network or services for bad actors and compromised systems.

For security providers, this is the best solution in the marketplace today, as it provides you with the same data set used by major security providers as well as Virus Bulletin to rank and evaluate providers.

For network and service operators, this is the best solution in the marketplace today, as you are able to see the start, peak, and end of spam runs that will get your IP addresses blacklisted.

This feed is 100% pure spam, false positive free, allowing you to use the data with confidence in your automated workflows.



Abusix’s Spam Threat Intelligence Message Stream is a real-time corpus of spam messages, designed so that you to may use the data with complete confidence in your automated workflows.

Our most complete and standard format is JSON transported via stream, with identifying attributes such as the language of the message, file types attached, and more. The entire message and attachments are also attached. We can also provide files only as well as metadata elements in a stream as well as hourly reports.

We offer two message streams of data

  • Black stream provides 100% false positive free data
  • Black and Grey stream provides a rich mix of spam, suitable for hunting.

Ultimately, the depth and versatility of Abusix Intelligence make our data a critical component of any cyber-defense.


Key Benefits

Using our proprietary sensor network, we provide an unparalleled view of threats through our constant corpus of threat rich data which allows you to:

  • identify spam in realtime, within your inbound, or outbound spam filters, by using our pure black stream
  • hunt for malicious inbound malware, fraud, and phish using our grey stream


This feed is available as a meta-data feed, enriched with the transaction, authentication, header, message body, cname, attachment and associated metadata upon demand.

We distribute the message feed in a JSON structure.


JSON Payload Format Example

  "smtp_mail_from" : "Anya277@unizentechnologies.com",
  "data_colorcode" : "black",
  "email_attachment_count" : "0",
  "source_ip" : "",
  "detected_text_language" : null,
  "email_subject" : "hi",
  "email_attachment_count" : 0,
  "email_attachment_content_types" : [ ],
  "email_attachment_file_names" : [ ],
  "email_attachment_hashes_md5" : [ ],
  "email_attachment_tags" : "",
  "data_origin" : "com.abusix.spam.trap",
  "email_urls" : [ ],
  "smtp_timestamp" : "Thu, 18 Jan 2018 13:09:07 +0000",
  "email_headers_raw" : {
    "date" : [ "Thu, 18 Jan 2018 20:09:03 +0700" ],
    "mime-version" : [ "1.0" ],
    "content-transfer-encoding" : [ "8bit" ],
    "x-mailer" : [ "PHPMailer 5.2.22 (https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer)" ],
    "subject" : [ "hi" ],
    "x-php-originating-script" : [ "853:class-phpmailer.php" ],
    "message-id" : [ "<f7678bee21a5ecec1041bf33f0507707@unizentechnologies.com>" ],
    "received" : [ "from [] ([])\r\n\tby example.me (Haraka/2.8.16) with ESMTP id 401F2F97-EE39-4236-9361-760271ACEDD1.1\r\n\tenvelope-from <Anya277@unizentechnologies.com>;\r\n\tThu, 18 Jan 2018 13:09:07 +0000", "by mail.unizentechnologies.com (Postfix, from userid 853) id DB472E03603; Thu, 18 Jan 2018 20:09:02 +0700" ],
    "content-type" : [ "text/html; charset=UTF-8" ],
    "from" : [ "Anya <Anya277@unizentechnologies.com>" ],
    "to" : [ "dumikem@abusix.invalid" ]
  "source_port" : "57505",
  "smtp_rcpt_to" : [ "dumikem@abusix.invalid" ],
  "original_message_base64_encoded" : "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"

Volume (as of June 16, 2020)

Abusix processes an ever-increasing 800 million trap hits daily through its infrastructure. Statistics below, are for deduped data, as of June 16, 2020.

JSON Black Message Stream

All BLACK Messages whole with files- deduped primarily on URL, files (but also includes black text-only messages deduped)

min: 2.01M / day

max: 10.52M / day

avg: 3.83M / day

JSON Black+Grey Message Stream

ALL BLACK+GREY Messages whole with files - deduped similarly (also includes black text-only messages deduped)

min: 3.02M / day

max: 13.50M / day

avg: 7.07M / day



To receive a feed you need to tell us you are ready and we will send you credentials.



File attachments stream


The File Stream is a real-time corpus of files, derived from a 100% spam, the target-rich environment may be used to address both real-time short tail antispam zero-day filtering and long-tail antivirus botnet, command, and control as well as malware code research.

You decide whether spam messages for heuristics, zero-day edge filtering using our MD5 hashed files, or detonating raw files in sandboxes to hunt botnets, command and control servers, or malware code analysis is more important to your security focus.

This feed is a must-have, to complete the suite of feeds you use to filter, hunt, learn and adapt in real-time.



Anti-virus vendors need to gain access to the latest malicious email-borne payloads to the sandbox, detonate and find command and control servers and also analyze malicious code. If you hunt, this feed is a must-have, to complete the suite feeds you use to hunt.


Key Benefits

  • Command and Control server hunters are able to detonate as many files as possible in sandboxes, to track down botnet command and control servers and their proxies.
  • Antivirus researchers find new malicious code in malware, ms-script, and pdf script variants. Ask for our file feed.


File feeds may be sent in RAW or JSON format.


JSON Payload Format Example

  "smtp_mail_from": "reception@paradisepark.co.uk",
  "content_type": "application/pdf",
  "source_ip": "",
  "data_origin": "com.abusix.spam.blackhole",
  "smtp_timestamp": "Tue, 14 May 2019 14:02:02 +0000",
  "source_ip_rir": "ripe",
  "source_port": "60299",
  "smtp_rcpt_to": [
  "source_ip_country_iso": "GB",
  "attachment_base64_encoded": "JVBERi0x[...]"

If you have questions, please contact our support.


Volume (as of June 16, 2020)

Abusix processes an ever-increasing 800 million trap hits daily through its infrastructure. Statistics below, are for deduped data, as of June 16, 2020.


Raw Spam Files

Includes ALL URLs in the BLACK+GREY message stream and more (deduped over 60 mins)

min: 89.7K / day

max: 357.7K / day

avg: 268.1K / day


images avg: 110k / day

text avg: 81k / day

pdfs avg: 70k / day

archive avg: 9k / day

word avg: 6k / day

executable avg: 5k / day

excel avg: 4k / day

web avg: 3k / day

message avg: 2k / day

audio avg: 400 / day

video avg: 250 / day

powerpoint avg: 250 / day



Understanding of how to curl a live stream of data



URL stream


The URL Stream is designed for AntiVirus and Brand Protection vendors of all types to allow them to constantly hunt for and identify, new websites and web pages that are phishing and spoofing brands using trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property, as well as hosting drive-by download or malware threats, phish kits, and crime-ware.


The URL streaming service is provided as a script that connects into our stream of (non-curated) report of URLs, thus allowing you to quickly see new malicious actors hosting phish, spoofing, steal credentials, defraud, infect and spy on users.


Key Benefits

A service is an ideal place to constantly hunt and identify websites hosting

  • brand phishing
  • generic phishing for user credentials
  • copyrighted images
  • copyrighted intellectual property
  • spoofing
  • drive-by downloads ready to intercept consumer keystrokes for account takeover (ATO)
  • crimeware


  • JSON with URLs and Metadata
  • Raw URLs

The various metadata tags allow you to filter quickly on things such as country, language, etc to improve the noise to signal ratio for your use case, showing you what you care about most.


JSON Payload Format Example

  "detected_text_language" : "ja",
  "data_origin" : "com.abusix.spam.httprelay",
  "smtp_timestamp" : "Wed, 22 Jul 2020 23:41:22 +0000",
  "source_ip_country_iso" : "TW",
  "url_tld" : "com",
  "url" : "http://csqzvg.re[...]"


Abusix processes an ever increasing 800 million trap hits daily through its infrastructure, however, counts can vary widely due to the diversity of spam campaigns and the number of URLs used in individual spam campaigns. This feed includes ALL URLs in the BLACK+GREY message stream.


URLs Stream (deduped over 5 mins, as of June 16, 2020)

min: 12.3M / day

max: 168.9M / day

avg: 59M / day



To receive reports you need to be able to cURL

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