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What is Abusix Mail Intelligence?

Abusix Mail Intelligence™ is a subset of the data available in Abusix Intelligence™ that has been specifically designed and tested for email use.

We have an extensive network of spam traps and honeypots and these are used to provide real-time, actionable threat intelligence data that can be used to prevent spam, phishing, malware and any other types of abuse.

Our goal is to provide the most accurate, comprehensive and innovative set of real-time threat intelligence data available.

We are not aiming to be the “internet police”, we will never do punitive or escalation listings – we will always be evidence driven (e.g. listing only what is hitting our traps or where we have good evidence that spam is being emitted to our customers).


How is the data provided?

Abusix Mail Intelligence™ is provided as RFC 5782 compliant DNS lists that can be queried by any SMTP server, anti-spam software/appliance or any other software that implements DNSBL, RHSBL and URIBL lookups.


What is your recommended configuration?

We suggest that you use Abusix Mail Intelligence™ on any SMTP servers on the edge of your network (e.g. your MX hosts) to hard reject mail during the SMTP transaction using our "combined" dataset, returning the TXT record we provide when we return a positive result.

If a message is accepted, we then suggest that you run further content inspection (like SpamAssassin or rspamd) to check Abusix Mail Intelligence™ against each received header hop and to check the body of the message for URLs containing blacklisted domains, short URLs and drive URLs (using our shorthash and drivehash lists).


Can I try Abusix Mail Intelligence?

Of course! - just go to https://abusix.com/free-trial/ and sign-up for a free 14 day trial.


I need help!

No problem, just click the Intercom live-chat button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and send us your questions. Alternatively, you can email support@abusix.com.

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