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Network & abuse contact verification

Verified networks and abuse contacts are essential for ensuring that you receive the correct abuse reports from Abusix or other sources.

Network & Abuse Contact Verification

Verified Networks and Abuse Contacts are essential for several AbueHQ features; such as ensuring your instance will receive the correct abuse reports from the Abusix Data Sources or other 3rd Party Sources.


Make sure you have your WHOIS Data up-to-date

Every Network/ASN needs to be set up correctly in the WHOIS Database of the related Regional Internet Registry (RIR), such as ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, AfriNIC, and LacNIC.

Please refer to the following documentation for each of those Registries:



How to Verify your Networks and Abuse Contacts

AbuseHQ queries the WHOIS Servers whenever a new network or ASN is added and follows up every ten days with another update. You'll see the related abuse contact in your network list.

At the end of the page, you'll see the list of all found abuse contact addresses. "Verification Disabled" per Default.


To activate verification, please use the "Activate Verification" button. This will send an email to this address, which needs to be automatically forwarded to AbuseHQ, so Inbound Processing can automatically detect and verify this address. When an address is confirmed, all networks correlated with that abuse contact address will be automatically verified.


Please ensure you only try to verify addresses you have control over.


Once the Verification process is Activated, we will send a renewal message every 25 days to follow up. If Verification is not renewed within 30 days, it will be marked as unverified.



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