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AbuseHQ Mailbox Sections Explained

An overview of what each mailbox section means.

AbuseHQ Mailbox Sections Explained

Here's an overview of what each mailbox section means

  • Unparsed: No parser matched this mail. So either it is not an abuse report, or it’s an abuse report that we don’t have a parser for yet.
  • All Mails: This section includes every mail sent to AHQ.
  • Rejected: The parsers have a rule that keeps this mail from being parsed. So at some point, there was a decision to reject this mail during parsing. One reason could be = a non-network abuse-related report.
  • Unresolved: Reports that have not been connected to a subscriber.
  • Trash: Emails that have been deleted.
  • DSN: Delivery system notification emails.
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