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Integrate with upstream systems using Webhooks

Webhooks lets you integrate AbuseHQ into other systems and call their API endpoints.


Webhooks let you integrate AbuseHQ into other systems and call their API endpoints.

Once set up, Webhooks can be added to a playbook transition.



If you want to push the values stored from a case, values that were retrieved by the subscriber resolver, for example, please see below:

  • You can retrieve an example context for any case via a GET request to https://YOUR_COMPANY.abusehq.net/api/v1/cases/{caseId}/context
  • To retrieve the subscriber values, you can either reference the full sub-object from the context by addressing it as "s.resolver_data", or you can access single values, e.g., "s.resolver_data.CustomerEmail". Make sure to add a PQL field and not a regular value to the payload list.
If you receive an Authentication Failed Error: The easiest way to access the API is by generating an API key in the settings tab. This key then needs to be sent via Bearer Authentication - the Authentication header should contain the string Bearer followed by a whitespace and then the API Key.

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