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Configure your network settings

This article will walk you through configuring your network ranges within AbuseHQ.


With Networks, you can configure your networks in AbuseHQ.

This is useful to drop events in Inbound Processing that don’t belong to your networks.

You can also tag your networks to distinguish events in Inbound Processing by the originating network.

Tags are available in the Case Search and displayed in every Case or Event in Cases in certain Case Groups.


How to configure a Network

Navigate to the settings page and click on Networks in the menu on the left.

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By default, the list of networks is empty. You can configure a new network by clicking the Add Network button in the Networks section.

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The Add Network windows will open.

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Set a descriptive name for your network and fill in the address and prefix of your network CIDR.

After you set up everything, click Save.


Import Networks with ASN

You can also import your Networks with an AS Number:

Go to Network Settings page as described before, and click the Network Imports menu option, then click on the Import ASN button.

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The Import ASN window will open.

  1. You can set a name, comment, and network tags.
  1. When you’re done, click Save.
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