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AbuseHQ Cases Page Explained

A breakdown of the components on the Case view page.

AbuseHQ Case Section Explained


Here's an overview of what each section on the Case page means

  • Subscriber: This section will contain any information we learned during inbound processing about who the subscriber is.
  • Contract: This section includes a subset of data about your subscriber e.g. “type of service”, “geo-location” etc.
  • Notes: The notes section is reserved for internal-only information applied to the subscriber, not the individual case.
  • Cases: This section will include all cases that have been assigned to this subscriber.
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  • Case ID: The Case ID is the unique identifier for this case which includes either the IP, an Email address, or a string of numbers/letters that we receive from you during our API Customer Resolver call. There will also be a DASH (-) and a number that will increase by one for every new case that follows.
  • Group: This represents the Case Group that the case was assigned to.
  • State: This represents the current transition state the case is in.
  • Creation: This is the date the case was created.
  • Events: This is the number of EVENTS or abuse reports that are assigned to this case.
  • Assignee: This is the individual who is assigned to this case; this configuration is optional as you don’t need to have someone assigned to a case in order for the case to move from one transition state to the next.
  • Playbook: This is the playbook that the case is assigned to.
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  • Manual Playbook Transitions: When a playbook has a MANUAL transition, buttons like the ones shown in the example below will be displayed. These will need to be clicked to move from the current transition state to the next.
  • Events: This section displays a timeline of when the event(s) for this case were received.
  • Latest Event: This shows information about the latest event we received for this case.
  • Event IPs: This section will display all IPs associated with events for this case.
  • Reporter: This section will display a list of reporters by email address,
  • Type: This section will display a list of event/complaint types.
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The Events tab will show details for each event that is assigned to this case.

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The History tab will show details for each transaction and transition for this case.

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The Share drop-down menu will give you two options to share either a case history report for the Subscriber or/and a summary report for this specific case.

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