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A quick way to automatically reply abuse reporters.


The Autoresponder is a supporting feature that will automatically send a response to abuse reporters for the abuse reports that were forwarded to your Abusix instance.

Accessing the Autoresponder

You will need to access the menu within Abusix to access the Autoresponder:

  1. Click the Settings option at the bottom left corner of the menu
  1. Select Autoresponder from the sub-menu.
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On the Autoresponder page, you will find the static message that will be sent to the abuse reporters. This is a hard-coded message, and at this time can not be changed.

You will also find a toggle switch that will enable/disable this autoresponder.

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All responses will originate from Abusix-maintained mail servers.


We do not auto-respond if the following is true:

  • Incoming message contains an Auto-Submitted header.
  • The Return-Path of the message is null (<>).
  • The Return-Path is owner-*, -request, MAILER-DAEMON, noreply, noreply-*.
  • The incoming message fails authentication, e.g. SPF Fail/SoftFail.
  • Incoming message contains a List-Unsubscribe header.
  • Precedence header contains the values list, junk or bulk.
  • Incoming message contains a In-Reply-To or Refeferences header (which would indicate a reply).

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