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What is Abuse Contact DB?


The Abuse Contact Database (DB) is a database service for people who want to report network abuse directly to network owners.

The service allows you to look up the abuse@ role address for the IP address from which you saw the abusive content or behavior originate without getting lost in multiple RIR WHOIS databases, rate-limited by WHOIS servers, or emailing to broken email addresses.

Where do the abuse@ role addresses come from?

We query the information stored in the RIR (ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, and AFRINIC) WHOIS records for each IP address. We use only the largest allocated ranges.

We Validate abuse@ role addresses and return the declared abuse@ role address where possible. As a fail-over, the technical@ role address in the RIR record may be returned.

Note LACNIC is the only RIR that does not provide abuse address data, so for LACNIC ranges, the abuse contact abuse@lacnic.net is returned for all queries since we cannot provide more specific data due to their restriction.

How much does this service cost?

The Abuse Contact DB service is free!

If you use the information in the Abuse Contact DB for reporting, we only want you to place the following small reference into every single report message you send, indicating you used the Abuse Contact DB to find the recipient's abuse contact address:

Abusix is neither responsible nor liable for the content or accuracy of the abuse being reported in this message. The Abusix Abuse Contact DB provided only the abuse contact for the originating network for this report. This free abuse@ address, proxy DB service, is built on top of the RIR databases. Therefore, if you wish to change or report a non-working abuse contact address, please contact the parent ASN operator or the appropriate RIR responsible for managing the underlying IP address on the abuse contact map. If you have questions about the DB, please visit https://abusix.com/contactdb/ or email support@abusix.com


If you believe there is a problem with the data or something is going wrong, please let us know so we can update it promptly.

Learn more about the Abuse Contact Database


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