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More about our “Potentially Compromised Account” reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Abusix send me “Potentially Compromised Account” emails?

Compromised accounts are one of the most significant internet security issues today. Compromised accounts often send spam, phishing, and malware, resulting in several problems.

What you received is a “Potentially Compromised Account” notice.

I have received an email about “potentially compromised accounts” from you. What is this about?

We create daily summaries of all the compromised accounts we’ve observed over the previous 24 hours, add necessary metadata, and send it to the affected Postmasters and Abuse Desks once per day.

I want to continue to receive compromised account reports. Will I need to upgrade to one of your plans?

This service is free of charge, so you don’t need to subscribe or create an account to receive these reports.


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