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Event Streams

Real-time event list with clickable details.


The Events streams provide you with a real-time view of incoming events that have been parsed from your abuse reports. This includes all of the relevant data associated with those events and the report itself. A breakdown of those important details and how to navigate Events stream can be found below.

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The LIVE Toggle can be used to pause the real-time polling of events, giving you time to investigate. This is helpful when large amounts of data are coming through in rapid succession.

Accessing Events Stream

You will need to access the Dashboard within the Admin Portal to view your Events Stream:

  1. Click the Dashboard option in the left menu.
  1. Next, click on the Number under the Events section outlined in the image below.
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In the Left Panel, you will see several sections.

  • Reporter - The address for where the report came from.
  • Event Type - The type of event/abuse being reported.
  • Date - The date the report was received.

To view the details about a specific event, all you need to do is click on the line of that event.

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In the Right Panel, you will see several subsections with details about the report from the event that you just clicked on.

  • Pretty - Details extracted from the report will be shown here (e.g. general info, reporter info, event details, incident details).
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  • Raw - A more detailed view of the data in a raw JSON format.
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  • Report - This is a copy of the actual report that was received along with any attachments.
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You will have a Normal tab and a Detail tab on this Report view. * The Normal tab will show you the report the way you expect to view it while looking at it in your mail client. * The Detail tab will show header information along with the details included in the report like attachments.

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