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Customer Resolver

Aggregate incoming abuse reports by customer, through either an API or by the IP address of the abuse event.


The Customer Resolver in AbuseHQ 2.0 is designed to empower users to configure how abuse events are resolved and displayed within the application by aggregating incoming abuse reports by customers, through either an API or using the IP address of the abuse event.

This feature includes two resolver options: "Event IP" and "Customer API Resolver."


Accessing the Customer Resolver

You will need to access the menu within Abusix to access the Customer Resolver:

  1. Click the Settings option at the bottom left corner of the menu
  1. Select AbuseHQ 2 from the menu.
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Customer API Resolver

The Customer API Resolver is made up of several essential fields that you will need to configure with specific details described below.


Resolver Description

In this field, you will want to add a description to identify the Customer API Resolver.

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Next, you will configure the HTTP request and specify the details of the API call you wish to make to your specific services.

  1. HTTP Method: Users can select the type of request (GET, POST, PUT) based on your API's requirements.
  1. URL: The endpoint of the customer's API.
  1. Query Parameters: Key-value pairs that users can attach to the URL for specifying additional request criteria.
  1. Headers: Custom headers can be added for things like authentication tokens or content type specifications.
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Now it’s time to test the API and map results to AbuseHQ identifiers. At a minimum, Customer ID mapping is required.


Finally, click SAVE to finish your configuration.

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Response Examples

  1. Abusix Dev Response
    1. URL: https://lwwarg7rrj.execute-api.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/resolvertest
    2. Method: GET
    3. Header
    4. Header
      Bearer ee
    5. Parameters: key value are equal
      1. Key
        IP address

      Example Response:

        "subscriber": {
          "id": "",
          "resolver_data": {
            "custom_key1": "custom_value5",
            "custom_key2": "custom_value5"
        "contract": {
          "id": "",
          "resolver_data": {
            "created": "2017-02-08 17:12:58.124325"
        "result_valid_from": "2024-02-06 07:30:55.971321",
        "result_valid_until": "2024-02-08 07:30:55.971350"

Event IP

The Event IP option will identify customers by the IP address used at the time of the event. Therefore there is no further configuration needed for this option.

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